Kid Friendly Restaurants In AHMEDABAD

Dining with kids in any city is a tough prospect, and it’s certainly not easy to locate a kid-friendly restaurant. Foodie parents always want the complete package – a restaurant which will not only give them a taste of various wines before they decide which one to order and at the same time, not balk at a request for buttered pasta or a high chair.

A very happy parent, Karan Utsav says, “Ever since I became a parent, I have always been on the constant lookout for restaurants that satisfy both my palate and my children’s; a restaurant that has an understanding staff, a relaxed dining environment, and – added bonus – activities for kids.”

What: A child friendly means that the staff welcomes your children with open arms. The food is yummy enough to tempt those little taste buds and at the same time, healthy. A child friendly restaurant would also have an entertainment center to keep your children occupied while you have a relaxed evening.

A child friendly restaurant = a happy meal for all.