The Fatty Bao, Indiranagar: First Look

If the name doesn’t get you, the menu certainly will. The best way to define Chef Manu Chandra’s latest venture, The Fatty Bao, would be as an Asian cousin of its successful predecessor – Monkey Bar. This Bao-heavy gastro bar packs a mean dumpling, so here’s what you must bring out your chopsticks for.


With interiors lit in hues of green and red, and kooky artifacts like wooden Japanese doll wigs hanging from walls above plump seats, paintings of giant pandas, a Bao food map, glass walls offering views of the surrounding greenery and art deco furniture – this space is a mish-mash of a Kurosawa meet Warhol fantasy world. The swing and jive playlist adds to the tony vibe, while a dimly lit rooftop seating with an attached bar has all the ingredients of an intimate haunt.

Food + Drinks

We were offered deliciously modern interpretations of the Bao like Char Siu (fillings include the always popular barbeque pork belly, green apple kimchi, hoisin sauce, sesame oil and scallions) and Braised Beef Cheeks (fillings include pickled radish, pickled red onion and cucumber). Bouyed on by a positive start, the Beef and Jalapeno Gyoza and Chasu Ramen (pork stock with bacon, braised pork belly, bean sprouts, marinated soft boiled eggs and scallions) didn’t disappoint either.

For the adventurous drinker, signature concoctions like Ho Gin Min – Sambuca, white wine, gin muddled with fresh ginger, sugar and lime along with Mickey Ninja – vodka shaken with muddled fresh orange slices and cucumber with a dash of whiskey should prove to be worthy bar buddies. For a more subtle hit, there’s Mandalay Bay that combines jasmine tea infused with vodka, shaken with lime juice, orange slices and topped with ginger beer.

Fatty Bao

We also managed room to experience a new dessert that hasn’t even been named or included in the menu yet – a miniature pyramid with a mint centre and chocolate coating that was worth every bite.

In a nutshell:

TimesCity Verdict: A stylishly relevant and decadent Asian gastro bar

Review and Other Details: The Fatty Bao page on TimesCity

Meal for two: Rs 2,500

Cuisine: Pan Asian

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